Powerlifting is a strength sport, which is divided into three events, i.e., squat, bench press and deadlift. The maximum weights lifted in all three events end up to be the powerlifting score in a competition.

This strength sport is nicknamed the ugly sister of weightlifting.

One obvious difference between weightlifting and powerlifting is the fact that weightlifting is an Olympic sport while powerlifting is still fighting it out to enter the Olympics.

Additionally, a strong difference is that weightlifting events such as snatch and the clean and jerk rely on speed strength and technique to lift the most weight. Not much of strength but of technique that is weightlifting.

Powerlifting on the other hand relies on limit strength making use of the whole body to lift and support the heaviest weight humanly possible. Ability to control the barbell with the most weight is necessary in powerlifting competitions.

Thus, it is in powerlifting, which is where the strongest athlete is determined. This is because of his ability of lifting, supporting and controlling the heaviest barbell.

The three events of involved in this competition are squat, bench press and deadlift


In this first event in a powerlifting competition, the athlete stands with barbell with weights on each end. Grabs the barbell from behind and puts the barbell on top of his back behind the neck.

The athlete then moves to the racks, squats until thighs are lower than parallel to the floor. He will then stands up and return the weight to the rack.

Bench press

On the second powerlifting event, the athlete lies in a bench. The barbell with weights on each end is placed on a stand connected to the bench. The athlete will then pick up the barbell while lying down on the bench; a liftman will assist the athlete in releasing the barbell from the stand.

The athlete will then rest the barbell in his chest and press the barbell up extending his arm fully. Then he will return the barbell to the stand without the aid of the liftman. Control is necessary to avoid jerking the barbell, which can cause injury.


The third and final event of a powerlifting competition, the barbell that is loaded with weights on each side is on the floor. The athlete squats down to lift the barbell until his back and legs are straight, the shoulder pulled back with chest proud.

Then the athlete will put back the barbell of the floor in a controlled manner.

In a powerlifting competition, there are disqualification rules that may apply.

This, however, is depending on the federation hosting the competition. Different federations, different rules and they also have different interpretations of the rules.

The best way for the athlete is to secure the rules of the federation hosting the competition to avoid committing mistakes during the competition that will mean his disqualification.

It is always best practice in competing for sporting events that you understand and apply the rules imposed by the hosts. You or your manager should secure the necessary information to get ahead of the competitors.

Practice as much as you can and induce special care as you practice and even when you are in the actual competition. This is necessary to ensure you will be able to show your strength and compete well in this sport.

Physical and mental preparation is necessary especially in a strength sport like powerlifting.

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What does is it mean to be on a clean eating diet? Does it mean that we are only eating organic? Vegetarian? Vegan? Raw? There are many different ways of eating clean. Fast food, processed food, sugar and too much flour is not healthy for you. These have addicting substances in them. They also slow your body’s metabolism down. These two reasons are causing you to gain weight. 2/3 of North Americans are now considered overweight, obese and up to morbidly obese.

By eating clean, you eliminate anything processed. What you are eating is real food. In reality when you eat real food you don’t have to count calories. Junk food is out of the question. How can you tell whether you are eating clean? There is one main way and that is: how you feel.

Do an experiment. Take one day. Eat as healthy as you can, with as little as preservatives as possible. Stay away from packaged foods that do not need to be refrigerated. This is a huge clue that that particular so called ‘food’ is not part of a clean eating diet. See how you feel after only one day.

I know when I eat clean I feel light and energetic. My moods are more stable. I don’t feel down. I have increased feelings of hope and success. Plus I start to see the scale move in a downward progression – which is always a nice thing!

Not only are the foods important to a clean eating diet but it’s how you eat. Treat your food with respect. Have at least one meal per day that is mindful eating. That is where you are eating, sitting down by yourself or with friends and family and really think about what you are eating. It is not rushed nor hurried. You enjoy each spoonful, taking small bites rather than mouthfuls. This is not in front of the TV, the computer or even reading a book.

When on a clean eating diet, it isn’t looking in the fridge and eating out of the containers. It isn’t grazing throughout the day, having bites here and there, never reaching that feeling of fullness or perhaps not recognizing it.

A clean eating diet is a lifestyle. It is having a healthy relationship with your food. When doing a clean eating diet, it changes the way you look at the world. It can be fun and exciting.

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Check out these body sculpting images:

IMDA Dreaming Modigli (eye), painted by Robbin Atwell
body sculpting
Image by Robbin With 2 Bs
This doll is made by IMDA, an artist making dolls and selling them through Soom. She is 30.5 centimeters tall. She has a cute pear-shaped body–the IMDA dolls all have very interesting sculpts. IMDA has a "sewing room" with downloadable slopers for the dolls — I think that’s great.

Visit my website for more dolls and crafts: www.MadWifeInTheAttic.com

Charging Bull – New York City
body sculpting
Image by Arch_Sam
Charging Bull, which is sometimes referred to as the Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green Bull, is a bronze sculpture, originally guerilla art, by Arturo Di Modica that stands in Bowling Green Park in the Financial District in Manhattan, New York City.


The 3,200-kilogram (7,100 lb) sculpture stands 11 feet (3.4 m) tall and measures 16 feet (4.9 m) long. The oversize sculpture depicts a bull, the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, leaning back on its haunches and with its head lowered as if ready to charge. The sculpture is both a popular tourist destination which draws thousands of people a day, as well as "one of the most iconic images of New York" and a "Wall Street icon" symbolizing Wall Street and the Financial District.

In Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan: A Historical Guide, Dianne Durante describes the sculpture:

The Bull‍ ’​s head is lowered, its nostrils flare, and its wickedly long, sharp horns are ready to gore; it’s an angry, dangerous beast. The muscular body twists to one side, and the tail is curved like a lash: the Bull is also energetic and in motion.

The bronze color and hard, metallic texture of the sculpture’s surface emphasises the brute force of the creature. The work was designed and placed so that viewers could walk around it, which also suggests the creature’s own movement is unrestricted — a point reinforced by the twisting posture of the bull’s body, according to Durante.

Charging Bull, then, shows an aggressive or even belligerent force on the move, but unpredictably, it’s not far-fetched to say the theme is the energy, strength, and unpredictability of the stock market."

Di Modica told the New York Daily News in 1998:

That bull is one of an edition of five. … I’m hoping the other four will be going to cities all over the world, whenever somebody buys them.

In 2010, a similar Charging Bull sculpted by Di Modica, which looks "younger" and "stronger", was installed in Shanghai, called Bund Bull, and in 2012 one was placed on Het Beursplein in Amsterdam.

Construction and installation

Di Modica spent some 0,000 to create, cast, and install the sculpture following the 1987 stock market crash as a symbol of the "strength and power of the American people." The sculpture was the artist’s idea, not the city’s. In an act of "guerrilla art", he trucked it to Lower Manhattan and on December 15, 1989, installed it beneath a 60-foot Christmas tree in the middle of Broad Street in front of the New York Stock Exchange as a Christmas gift to the people of New York. That day, crowds came to look at the bull, with hundreds stopping to admire and analyze the gift as Di Modica handed out copies of a flier about his artwork.

The police seized the sculpture and placed it into an impound lot. The ensuing public outcry led the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation to install it two blocks south of the Exchange in the plaza at Bowling Green with a ceremony on December 21, 1989. It faces up Broadway.

In 2004, Di Modica announced that the bull sculpture was for sale, on condition the buyer does not move it from its present location. Di Modica continues to own the copyright to the statue. In 2006, Di Modica sued Wal-Mart and other companies for illegally benefiting from his copyright, by selling replicas of the bull and using it in advertising campaigns. In 2009, Di Modica sued Random House for using a photo of the bull on the cover of a book discussing the collapse of financial services firm Lehman Brothers.[10]

Since New York City does not own the sculpture, it has a technically temporary permit allowing it to stand on city property, but the temporary permission has lasted since 1989, when city officials said the new location would not be permanent. Art on loan is usually limited to a year’s display. Although the city does not buy art, it accepts donations. A writer in the New York Daily News wrote in 1998 that the statue’s placement was "beginning to look a mite permanent". According to an article in Art Monthly, Di Modica, "the authorities, and New York public, view it as a permanent feature of Lower Manhattan.

As soon as the sculpture was set up at Bowling Green, it became "an instant hit". One of the city’s most photographed artworks, it has become a tourist destination in the Financial District. "[I]ts popularity is beyond doubt", a New York Times article said of the artwork. "Visitors constantly pose for pictures around it." Adrian Benepe, the New York City parks commissioner, said in 2004, "It’s become one of the most visited, most photographed and perhaps most loved and recognized statues in the city of New York. I would say it’s right up there with the Statue of Liberty."[1] In 1993, Arthur J. Piccolo, chairman of the Bowling Green Association, made the same point with the same comparison.[12] Henry J. Stern, the city parks commissioner when the statue first appeared in the Financial District, said in 1993: "People are crazy about the bull. It captured their imagination."

The statue’s popularity with tourists has a very international appeal. One 2007 newspaper report noted a "ceaseless stream" of visitors from India, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Venezuela and China, as well as the United States. Children enjoy climbing on the bull, which sits "famously" at street level on the cobblestones at the far northern tip of the small park. One popular tourist guidebook assumes that a visitor will want to get his or her picture taken with the statue "after you pose with the bull" A popular Bollywood movie, Kal Ho Naa Ho features the bull in a musical number, increasing its familiarity with Indians. One visitor told a newspaper reporter it was a reason for his visit.

In addition to having their pictures taken at the front end of the bull, many tourists pose at the back of the bull, near the large testicles "for snapshots under an unmistakable symbol of its virility." According to a Washington Post article in 2002, "People on The Street say you’ve got to rub the nose, horns and testicles of the bull for good luck, tour guide Wayne McLeod would tell the group on the Baltimore bus, who would giddily oblige." According to a 2004 New York Times article, "Passers-by have rubbed — to a bright gleam — its nose, horns and a part of its anatomy that, as Mr. Benepe put it gingerly, ‘separates the bull from the steer.’"

A 2007 newspaper account agreed that a "peculiar ritual" of handling the "shining orbs" of the statue’s scrotum seems to have developed into a tradition. One visitor, from Mississippi, told the Tribeca Trib she did it "for good luck", and because "there’s a kind of primal response when you see something like that. You just have to engage it." The enthusiastic reaction to the sculpture continues into the darker hours. "I’ve seen people do some crazy things to that bull," said a souvenir vendor, "At night sometimes, when people have been drinking, I’ve seen them do stuff to that bull that you couldn’t print in a newspaper."

Following the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests, the sculpture was placed under police guard and was generally off-limits to tourists for almost 3 years, but is now again openly accessible.

In popular culture

The sculpture is featured in the films For Richer or Poorer (1997), Hitch (2005), Inside Man (2006), The Other Guys (2010), The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010), and Arthur (2011). It also appears in the TV series My Life as Liz and Weeds. A dancer posed in arabesque atop the sculpture in the 2011 Adbusters appeal to "Occupy Wall Street".

Body Sculpt Destock
body sculpting
Image by skeyndor.oficial

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